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RocketPress Media | April 24, 2014

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The Simpsons: Georgeous Grampa

The Simpsons:  Georgeous Grampa

The.Simpsons.s24e14The Simpsons:  And yet another uncovered chapter from Grampa Simpson’s past. Via Homer’s obsession with reality shows featuring made-up professions, the family stumbles upon the fact that Grampa used to be a professional wrestler. I found it amusing that Marge so desperately wanted him to be gay because supporting a gay relative is trendy right now. Anyway, Grampa wasn’t just any wrestler; he was the most villanous and vainglorious of the characters. He lied, cheated, and berated the spectators and was so hated that strangers on the street would hit him with chairs. As it turns out, Mr. Burns was a huge fan of Grampa’s wrestling character and was inspired by the wicked wrestler to become powerful and hated. He persuades Grampa back into the ring. Up till this point the story was a little weak, but then Bart started to idolize his Grampa and adopted the negative attitudes of the wrestling persona. He eventually joins Grampa in the ring as a bad boy wrestler himself. The episode reveals its heart when Grampa realizes the detrimental message he is sending to his grandson and spontaneously turns into a heroic character that fights the bad guys (in this case Mr. Burns).

For a show once held up as the prime example of America’s crumbling family values, it sure does like to send the message that it’s important to set a good example for your children and that your own actions speak louder than your words. I’m a little tired of the continuing adventures of Abe Simpson, but I did enjoy the last act of the episode focusing on Bart and his misplaced idolization. Also, accepting the lowered bar this show has set over the past decade, the episode was relatively full of jokes.  –  C+