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RocketPress Media | April 25, 2014

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RocketPress Media Issue of the Month: February 2013

RocketPress Media Issue of the Month: February 2013

We do something at RocketPress where, at the start of each month, we choose our favorite pieces of nerd pop culture from the previous month. Without further ado, the RocketPress Media Issue of the Month for February is …

Batman Incorporated 8 Cover

Batman Incorporated #8

It is with a heavy heart that I once again bring your attention to Batman Incorporated #8, which has the saddest ending to a comic book I’ve ever encountered. DC had announced that this was going to happen days before, but I still didn’t truly believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

Oh, right! I should talk about other aspects of the book at least a litte bit! Well, Chris Burnham’s art was as good as ever, and we got some great action scenes. There’s also a wonderful little moment with Damian and Nightwing look back fondly at their time as Batman and Robin. Combine all of that with the aforementioned ending and you have one heck of an issue.

So, yeah — I had to make it my pick this month. I just had to.

My full review of Batman Incorporated #8 is here. Honorable mentions: Fatale #12, The Manhattan Projects #9, Batman #17

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