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RocketPress Media | April 18, 2014

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RocketPress Media: Episode of the Month: February 2013

RocketPress Media: Episode of the Month:  February 2013

We do something at RocketPress where, at the start of each month, we choose our favorite pieces of nerd pop culture from the previous month. Without further ado, the RocketPress Media Episode of the Month for February is …

New.Girl.PosterNew Girl:  Cooler

This isn’t the first time that this series has had one of its episodes picked as the episode of the month. I tend to be very picky with my comedy so I’m pretty excited that this show continues to entertain both my funny bone, my brain, and my emotions. I’m also happy to report that this show was recently picked up for a third season!

A staple of sitcoms, both good and bad ones, is the will-they or won’t-they dance between two characters. So often this is a bland and infuriatingly contrived plot device that we stop caring about long before anything noteworthy happens between the two characters. New Girl has defied convention and not only pulled the lid off the romantic tension in the middle of Season Two, but has also handled it realistically, humourously, and in a way that doesn’t make me worry that the show has nothing left to say. For my full review click here.

Honorable mentions: American Horror Story:  Madness Ends and New Girl:  Tinfinity.

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